Intertype relationships


Herebelow you will find some articles on intertype relations, as well as photo gallery. We hope these articles will give you a helpful insight in issue of mutual relationships.

We had chosen to adapt the classification of intertype relations on basis of methodics proposed by Igor Kalinauskas who had divided them according to quadras:

  • inside own quadra, where the relationships are the most comfortable;
  • between diagonal quadras or opposite quadra;
  • akin quadra;
  • heir quadra.
1 Basics about relationships
2 Secret of harmony
3 Starptipu attiecību kalkulators
4 Table of intertype relationships
5 Relations of activity
6 Relations of activity in photos
7 Relations of duality
8 Relations of duality in photos
9 Spilgts duālais pāris
10 Relations of partial duality
11 Relations of partial duality in photos
12 Mirage relations
13 Mirrage relations in photos
14 Mirror relations
15 Mirror relations in photos
16 Operative relations
17 Operative relations in photos
18 Identical relations
19 Identical relations in photos
20 Quasi-identical relations
21 Quasi-identical relations in photos
22 Relations of extinguishment
23 Kindred relations
24 Superego relations
25 Relations of withdrawal
26 Nepiepildītā mīla: Tihonovs un Mordjukova
27 Conflict relations
28 Governed relations