Couching vs. socionics

Every person longs to feel confident about their knowledge, abilities, talents and find fulfilment in life. Some people rise by fulfilling their ideals, some imitate already tested achievements to reach their goals. There is a bit of truth in both, since everyone desires to live their life with beauty, comfort and in harmony! However, it is more important for each person to understand their true desires and wishes, so they wouldn’t be effected by caprices, fancies, illusions and most importantly – the opinion of others.

Until 18 children are required to meet the common demands including the ones that are affected by their character. That way the individuality of the teenager is limited or even completely suppressed. However, that can change with the teenager turning 18 and gaining more freedom. At this age the inherited characteristics become apparent and they might not meet the ones required from the teenager. At this age the teenager is supposed to take responsibility about actions, yet if the person has been raised in a conservative environment in family and school, that stands against his sociotype, he won’t develop an ability to take responsibilities about actions. A time of getting to know themselves and gaining experience has started.

Nobody is blessed enough to grow up in a comfortable and compatible environment, in terms of socionics – among the members of their quadra. Only among the members of the same quadra talents can be seen and wishes and initiatives are not condemned, but accepted without critics and prejudice. The talents that are appreciated among the members on the same quadra, are commonly criticized and misunderstood outside, which leads to ignoring the needs and wishes of a person. In an unpleasant relationship among family members the potential of a teenager is broken and involuntarily the teenager becomes like an empty bowl being filled with useless information that other see as important. However, the potential of each teenager is like a little acorn, which, if planted in a fertile soil is able to grow to be a mighty oak. It is obligatory to find out the inherited potential of each person! This can be determined starting from the age of 15.

Being disabled to come to terms with own state of mind, any person seeks help and explanations elsewhere. These days there are a lot of such offers; nevertheless, it is important to determine to what extent the self-exploration should be carried out. Nowadays couching, NLP, as well as consulting a psychiatrist enjoy popularity. Each of these put emphasis on their teaching; hence, don’t explain the connection among all the teachings, which is actually not convenient for the client.


The essence, energy, talents of a person are all hidden in the type of character and only after finding out that type the person can understand whether or not couching, NLP and other teachings will add necessary characteristics to the for letter code that each person has according to socionics. Only socionics can tell the four letter code. The four letter code clearly reveal the talents and abilities of each person as well as pointing out the weaknesses and separating reality from illusions. After finding out the sociotype and the field of work according to the sociotype, a person reveals multiple field of development where good results can be achieved even without the help of couching.

Dear reader! Socionics is the first step to finding out one's potential. If you find out you sociotype, you will be free of the standards and judgement of others. You will be free to choose whom to follow, who to imitate, what to consider useful and what not, what to support and what not. You will be able to take a firm stand over your arguments in cases when someone will try to defeat and influence you. You will be able to choose a relationship that suits you and would be sustainable. You will also understand relationships that are have no future. You will even be able to choose qualitative services as well as to decline the ones that don’t satisfy you.

Couching is an instrument for a rapid development of potential. The duty of the couch is to accompany a person towards setting and reaching own goal as quickly as possible. When working with a couch, you have to take into consideration that fact that the number of sessions is going to be much higher if you don’t know your sociotype. A couch cannot assure the quality of the service if he or she is unaware of the sociotype.

Multiple couches in Russia and elsewhere use socionics, since it looks at the mutual relationship among the sociotypes and gives trustworthy forecasts. This method is more effective and reliable.

Of course, a person wants to reveal the potential as soon and effective as possible, thus the person looks for a couch. The ability to solve a certain problem without tension and misunderstandings is possible only in some of the 16 different relationships. The most effective cooperation between a couch and a client is in dual and activation relationships. It is vital in cases when the client feels most desperate. We advise you to ask your coach if he or she is aware of socionics.

Being unfamiliar with socionics a couch won’t have developed the proper impression of relationships in a family and workplace. That couch won’t be able to give an effective advice on achieving an aim.

Our advice – first find out your sociotype and only after that think of the service of a coach. There might be cases when you don’t even have to consult a coach.

For those of you who are interested in couching or want to become coaches yourselves, we advise to study scionics. That way you will know when and regarding what you will be able to help people and when they will listen to you and take your advice.